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Aimsfun Application Stack designed to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines, as a highly available, highly scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing platform. AAS provides a solution that includes the entire "stack" of features most organizations want with an IaaS cloud: compute orchestration, Network-as-a-Service, user and account management, resource accounting, and an easy to use User Interface (UI).
Aimsfun provide cutting-edge intelligent and logical solutions that are custom-built to meet specific business needs.
Aimsfun Application Stack provides a wide range of cloud architecture solutions, operation and maintenance, customized development (system architecture, application, software, websites etc.), consulting and automation, storage and big data solutions. AAS is fully customizable to meet your specific business requirements, facilitating innovation and help your IT services to focus on adding value and reducing cost in your business.


Aimsfun Cloud Architecture provides accessible and scalable computing platform, include: instances and projects. AAS gives you the flexibility to scale up or down your cloud capacity, powerful disaster recovery mechanism and reduce cost of hardware. The specially designed server and cache technologies—gives you exceptionally fast managed cloud hosting.

All Plans Comes with

In Aims Application Stack Platform, every cloud server on AAS comes with dedicated resources.
AAS lets you choose your Dev-Ops environment and deploy to your managed servers in just a few clicks.

Root/Admin Access

Full root access & dedicated IP address included with all vms.

OS Combination

Deploy Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows operating system servers.

Your Own Cloud

Select your own cloud platform provider - Google, AWS, Azure, Ali Cloud for your app deployment.

Unlimited VM/Apps

Host unlimited no. of serevrs and applications without any hassel

Pay As You Go

Pay only the resources you consume with pay as you go method.

24/7 Support

All plans come with a 24x7 customer support at no extra cost.

API/Control Panel

With our API/Control panel you can quickly spin up, destroy reboot, reinstall your vm in just one click.

24X7 Monitoring

Enjoy the benefits of 24x7 monitoring of your servers absolutely free.

AAS Built for All Businesses

Aims Application Stack Platform is designed for all kinds of business.
AAS aims to efficient your daily process in Dev&Ops, development, and management.


Focus on creative coding instead of worrying about environment

Digital Agencies

Score more leads with optimized cloud hosting on your side


Reduce daily cost, stay away from your IT infrastructure Problems


Launch new ideas without incurring much overheads on Dev&Ops


Across 8 regions around the world with 24 different data centers.

Pricing Plans

Always know what you'll pay per month.

Note: All prices are in A$
Managed by Aimsfun Dev team : $2.50/day/VM extra

  • $35/mo

    CPU: 1

    RAM: 3.75GB

    Storage: 20GB

    Bandwidth: 1TB

  • $67/mo

    CPU: 2

    RAM: 7.5GB

    Storage: 30GB

    Bandwidth: 2TB

  • $132/mo

    CPU: 4

    RAM: 15GB

    Storage: 60GB

    Bandwidth: 3TB

  • $257/mo

    CPU: 8

    RAM: 30GB

    Storage: 100GB

    Bandwidth: 4TB

  • $487/mo

    CPU: 16

    RAM: 60GB

    Storage: 200GB

    Bandwidth: 5TB

  • $988/mo

    CPU: 32

    RAM: 120GB

    Storage: 480GB

    Bandwidth: 6TB

  • $2421/mo

    CPU: 64

    RAM: 240GB

    Storage: 640GB

    Bandwidth: 7TB

6 sec

Launch Cloud


Active Servers

24 hrs/7



Apps Running

Supported Infrastructures

Aims Application Stack is able to one-click deploy to multiple popular cloud infrastructures.

Permanent Free Addons

All Aims Application Stack corporate customer would have the following products for free.
The AAS value-added products aims to reduce your daily business cost and make your process more effective.

AimsDoc System is designed for tech mgmt purpose. This cloud system provides document editor, embed video, image resources management functions.

Aims Docs

Aims Marketing is the integrated tools for online marketing supports, one-click to publish your lates updates to all your social networking official pages.

Aims Mkt
Coming Soon !...

To manage, schedule, or facilitate daily tasks, support and related interactions with customers, prospects, and business process throughout the enterprise.

Aims Task
Coming Soon !...

Aims Data System gives you the ability of collecting stream or historical data from multiple social networks with relevant keywords for business intelligence.

Aims Data
Coming Soon !...

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